Our Missionaries


At Rehoboth, we prayerfully and financially support several missionaries and their families in their calling to the bring the gospel to people near and far. Read below to see who we support and where they are working!

The Buning Family

Who: Josh, Popy, Samara, and Boaz Buning
Where: Bangladesh
What: to work with and live among local people, offering health services and education.

Who: Mark, Jodi, Addi, Barrett, and Emerson Bosscher
Where: Paraguay
What: Their ministry focuses on equipping and mobilizing first nations people in Paraguay. God has called them to assist in raising up and developing a generation of tribal leaders, who can be sent into the mission field to reach the currently unreached.
Contact/support: their website or mark.bosscher@sim.org

The Bosscher Family


Who: M&J
Where: serving among Middle Easterners in the US
What: Academic study of the history Middle Eastern Christianity leading to ability to train future church leaders, supporting churches, outreach to immigrants and refugees, especially Muslims and Arabic-speaking Christians, training missionaries to the Middle East
Contact: mjl440@pmbx.net

Who: Jason, Kristyna, and Myla Schuring
Where: Brazil
What: Living remotely in the jungle and building relationships within their community--an unreached people group. They are working to translate the Bible onto solar powered mp3 players so the tribe they work with can hear scripture in their own language for the first time.
Contact/support: their website or jasonami@gmail.com

The Schuring Family

Mike Wissink

Who: Mike Wissink
Where: Ferris State University
What: serving Ferris students and athletes in a pastoral capacity and building relationships with them through campus activities, athletic events, and mission trips.
Contact/support: mikewissink@gmail.com